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About Home.Work.People

Jane Stuart - President & Managing Director / Commercial Real Estate

While building a successful production and post-production facilities in the competitive New York jungle, Jane saw that finding housing and staffing for productions was by "word of mouth". The problem was always whose mouth was doing the talking!

So Jane decided that since she knows the business as well as anyone, she took her entertainment industry contacts, and along with a pair of brilliant real estate entrepreneurs, founded HomeWorkPeople.

Today Jane is helping industry leaders find the housing and staff that they require so they can concentrate on their projects.


Ellen Rappaport - Licensed RE Sales Salesperson

Ellen is our newest member of HomeWorkPeople. After a long career in Production where Ellen produced for award winning directors and ad agencies specializing in Fashion and Beauty, Ellen turned to a successful stint in residential real estate. Ellen brings her talents and impeccable taste to HomeWorkPeople to produce properties for the people she knows so well.


Demi Fotiadis - Licensed RE Sales Salesperson