Owners are savvy about their core business but we can’t all be experts on everything.

When it comes to finding great office space, creative loft spaces, retail, and apartments, it helps to have the NYC real estate experts on your side. That’s why they call us at Home.Work.People.

Our name says it all – Home (where you live), Work (where your passion ignites), People (like us!).

For almost a decade, Home.Work.People has been gathering rave reviews from our customers as the people to contact for offices, retail, restaurants, and other commercial real estate needs. Need permanent, long term, or temporary office space for a day, a week, a few months? Uptown, downtown, midtown, chic, funky, or corporate – Home.Work.People has access to ample spaces to fit immediate and long-term needs.

We can do it all because we come from creative industries ourselves and know what works and what doesn’t..

Our Speciality:

The entertainment industry has special needs – especially when it comes to offices and housing. So who are you going to call? A real estate agent who knows commissions but doesn’t have a clue about your business? The people who can fulfill your needs best are the ones who have “been there, done that.” Led by a team of industry professionals with years of experience in film, video, television, commercial production, and post production.

Home.Work.People knows exactly what you require. Whether it’s an apartment for entertainment or simply sleeping, an office with plenty of phone access, or personal assistant/concierge services, Home.Work.People is a first in non-fiction entertainment housing, offices, and staff. In these areas we’re the wizards because there’s no place like Home.Work.People.

Standard Operating Procedures

Home Work People II LLC (HWP)
  1. HWP requires that all customers to show ID the first meeting.
  2. HWP does not require our customers to sign an exclusive broker agreement but may on occasion request one.
  3. HWP does require bank pre-approval letters from customers prior to showing residential property.